I love this profession, but not everything about it is puppies and rainbows. In this episode, I give you 10 reasons you may not want to pursue a career in an emergency department. Unless the reasons get you excited. Then you should totally do it!

4 Responses to Episode 09 – 10 Reasons NOT to be an ED Nurse

  • Bo says:

    Perfect! Amazing. I have a new grad preceptee that will love to hear this. I was looking for info on the net on how to help her and ran across your site! I felt like everything I’ve ever said is in your podcasts! Just allows me to reinforce my teaching! Excellent. Thank you! I laid in bed laughing because I’ve said the exact same things, exact verbiage, it’s like having a recorded ED clone. Thanks. Good work.

  • Ylsrn says:

    Hi, I have started listening to your 9 recorded podcasts since I started prereqs for nursing school in 2014. Guess what, now I am finally an RN, working in pediatrics and I still listen to your podcasts over and over to refresh on some key concepts applicable across the all fields of nursing. I have two questions: do you know of an awesome podcast with concentration on peds? And secondly, do you think you will get a chance to record any more?

  • John says:

    Great episode and very relatable. Really hit the nail on the head. You mentioned you covered your favourite things about the ED, which episode was it?

  • Dustin says:

    I wish you had kept creating podcasts!!! I am in my last semester of RN school and was loving your podcasts! I am extremely interested in working in the ED and I learned so much from you. Thanks

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