Also known as, not happening! I’ve got two more podcasts lined up to be recorded, one on sepsis, and the next chief complaint podcast – headache! Hopefully the copious amounts of sleep and fluids (with a healthy dose of nyquil here and there) will get me back on my vocal feet once more and I can get these recorded and posted later this week.

After early struggles to get the ball rolling, the podcast is now searchable on iTunes, which means I can focus on cranking out content. I want to get two podcasts out next week, focusing on tackling the big-ol’ chest pain chief complaint and then something supplemental, likely on acid-base, as that will be important for future concepts. Due to the way iTunes handles the podcast feed, each episode from now on will likely contain two posts – one with the podcast and podcast description (which iTunes will use), and a second, acting as the show notes, with any images, videos, or links talked about in the show.